If you go down to the woods today… you’ll probably find our Wolves, bushcrafting away like crazy aside an open fire they’ve crafted with Chief Wolf, Josh. Our Bisons and Wild Cats might be there, too; they can never resist an invitation to come along and toast some marshmallows! Perhaps even our Foxes have tagged along for a wild woodland walk and a lip-smacking Smore or two…?

Take another peek, peeps. If you can’t see them, surely you can hear them… They’re verrry small in size, yet overtly loud in laughter…! Who can it be?

Walk in the woods

Yes, camp crew, we’re talking about our BEARS! Our youngest, cutest, cuddliest – and LOUDEST – campers ever! It’s true! And who could blame them, with so much adventure on camp, day in day out?! If we were 3 or 4 years old again and had a holiday day camp like Camp Xplode to visit, why, we’d be laughing ourselves silly too!

Cast your minds back if you will, parents and carers, to when you were a pre-schooler. Was there anything available quite like Camp Xplode? Doubtful! Today’s young people are some of the luckiest for miles! Somewhere safe to play, where every day brings a new adventure, with different activities to try and fresh friends to be made. Seriously, it doesn’t getter any better than Bears camp at Camp Xplode!

What can you expect at Bears Camp?

The Best Care-Bears Around!

It all starts with the staff. At Camp Xplode, having the right leaders aligned with the right age groups is paramount; and nowhere more so than with our Bears group. Just think, some of our youngest campers are attending a holiday day camp for the very first time and we want to ensure they feel safe, secure and settled from the moment they set paw on camp. Aside to following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, our leaders are specialists in early years care, fully trained to support this age group so they can get the best out of each and every Bear – whether they’ve bounced into camp happy or not quite feeling at their bravest. They’re a smiley, happy bunch with LOTS of energy to last the day, and plenty of patience too! More than amazing, our leaders are positively pawfect!  

Ball games at Camp Xplode
Ball games at Camp Xplode

A Den-full of FUN!

Just like in schools, early years children need their own dedicated space in which to thrive. Camp Xplode venues have at least one room set aside for our Bears, sometimes several, to help our little ones become familiar with their surroundings quickly and know what to expect. Their very own ‘den’ will likely include a dress-up area, a reading space, an arts and crafts table and lots of room for general play; and, we’ll always provide a chill-out zone for when our Bears become sleepy (there’s always at least one Bear needs a rest during our jam-packed days at camp!).

A+ for Adventure!

One week, you’ll find us stomping and “Roooaaaar”ing our way around camp like giants on an imaginary ogre-fuelled Bears and the Beanstalk adventure. The next, we’ll be ‘yo-ho-ho’ and tail-swishing like crazy, dressed as cheeky pirates and beautiful mermaids on our aquatic-themed Bears at Sea quest! Sometimes, we’ll join in with our older camp friends on an all-encompassing, globally-inspired Around The World adventure – complete with edible goodies from far-away places our Bears LOVE to try! This summer, our Bears even got to play judges at our CX Has Talent competition! Whatever the theme, our Bears love the fun each one brings to camp – not to mention the structure – keeping them engaged for hours on end, all holiday!

Regular Camp Visitors our Bears ADORE!

Camp Xplode LOVES inviting people over for a play date and one of our all-time favourites has to be Animals UK. Our Bears are completely beside themselves with excitement whenever they visit; no matter what type of animal it is they bring along– from tortoise to tarantula – it seems every Bear loves the chance for a pet! Then there’s our good friends, Kinetic, who pop along to camp on a regular basis to teach young people tennis skills (according to the experts, the upper end of pre-school is the ideal age to start!). And, of course, there’s our swimming option which many a Bear has been known to enjoy…! Don’t worry if your Bear requires assistance in the pool, either, as our team of qualified instructors is ready and willing to lend a paw!

Xtra Special Events. Every Single Week!

Fancy a Teddy Bears Picnic? Or a Bears Beach Party complete with sun, sand and ice cream? Each week at Camp Xplode, our Bears are treated to something extra asides their usual timetable full of adventure. Using our imagination, enthusiasm and a pertinent prop or two, our ‘special events’ see us spending an entire afternoon outdoors while all pretending we’re a million miles away. The Bears absolutely love these activities, imagining themselves on a desert island or lost deep within a jungle; with some sweet treats for comfort, of course!

This half-term our Bears are coming to Five Boars in York!

So, if you’ve a Bear cub who’s bursting for some adventure, why not have them try our next school holidays day camp at Five Boars or Redkite?