Wow, Camp Xplode crew. How’s about that for a truly A.Mazing few weeks ?! So utterly fab, at CX HQ, we’re still pinching ourselves to check it was actually real! What an adventure for everyone, from campers to staff to parents to visitors! Seriously, we could not be happier with how our 2019 summer holiday day camp played out. Better than best, this one will go
down in Camp Xplode history as our most successful camp to date with the biggest attendance and the highest number of activities on offer producing the largest ever adventure! Go US!

Aah, but how so sure of its bestest, biggest, largest status, you ask?? It’s all in the numbers, camp crew! Here’s what YOU have just been a part of (take a deep breath!):

37 days of camp over 8 weeks (that’s 370 hours or 22,200 minutes!) over 2 cracking venues, including 630 families, 98 international visitors and 41 super staff running 37 opening ceremonies, 5 excursions, 1 Flashmob and 1 mahoosive GUNGING (apols, Rosie!!).

See – we told you it was a goody! But, just as any camper worth his or her salt knows, every camp is a cracker at Camp Xplode! So, what made this one so Xtra special? Hmmm, let’s cast our minds back over a summer of adventure…

Enter, Camp Five Boars!
So… while Five Boars was officially introduced to the Camp Xplode world over Easter time, it was during the Summer break she well and truly blossomed! Asides to Muckamuck Tom, pretty much everybody who came along to Five Boars camp over summer was ‘new crew’; all in search of a new experience, new friendships and days filled with new adventures! Did
we let them down? NO WAY! Some were so impressed, they’ve already booked their place at our October camp – and while it’s still something of a secret, we’ll have much more to offer next half-term at Five Boars to accommodate even more new crew on camp!! Can’t wait? Neither can we!

Record Numbers at Camp Redkite!
That’s correct, campers! If you were at Redkite this summer holidays, you are one of over 200 crew who came along each day to help create history! OK, so what you really came along for was guaranteed adventure and, as ever, there was plenty to be had; yet, doesn’t it feel good to know YOU alone have played a part in our success this summer holidays? New to team Redkite this summer, Muckamuck Rosie, had (quote) her “Best summer in years” thanks to the action on camp! It wouldn’t appear to have phased our Rosie whatsoever having this number of crew to handle either, and we’re super pleased she’ll be steering the ship through the holiday camp seas once again come October! Wonder if she’ll get gunge again?!

Camp at Moorlands school

A ‘Tried and Tested’ Timetable
From the tiniest of Bears setting paw on camp for the very first time all the way through to our bigger, braver Bisons, our programme is designed to provide every single one of our campers with activities they can enjoy. In short, it’s trusted and it works. Know how we know? It’s written in the smiles we see every single day across our camps – and this summer was absolutely no exception! From Camp Xplode staples like a woodland walk; to those a little more ‘unique’ (think Bubble Football!); whatever the activity, campers were left grinning from ear to ear. With some well-loved themes thrown in – Around the World, Colour Wars and Campers Vs Staff – and a special event or two (ha, try FIVE with our Oscars, Colour Run, Family Movie Night, CX Has Talent and our Camp Olympics), this summer was one Xplosive concoction of fun from early doors through to each late afternoon finish!

What Happens on Camp… is, at times, OFF Camp!

That’s right, campers, who could forget this summer’s Excursions? And wowsers, did we load you up with a menu and a half this summer holidays?! Not one excursion but FIVE for our campers to choose from! And not to any old places, either. We’re talking Total Ninja, Go Ape, Swithen’s Farm and Calypso Cave – not to mention topping off our summer xcursions
with a gigantic Alton Towers shaped cherry!! It’s almost unbelievable where we trekked to this summer! Safe to say, Camp Xplode Summer 2020 has BIG shoes to fill, alright!

Star Guests in Many Guises!

Wow just wow. Soooo many friends came to visit Camp Xplode this summer – many of them so excited by our camp, they kept on coming back! Regulars Kinetic Tennis and Splash Swim provided extremely popular bolt-on classes for campers wanting to give tennis and swimming more focus; as did our archery classes, courtesy of our very own friend and big brother, The Tribal Way! Animals UK and Mini First Aid allowed us to pat our fury friends – and cover a teddy in plasters!

Debs’ Yoga encouraged us all to ‘Zen out’ while Pete’s Suitcase Circus wowed an entire camp! Pauline Quirk’s Performing Arts and YAFTA provided tips and tricks from the world of drama. Oh, and there was that whole ‘Flashmob’ thing, too, thanks to very special guests Northern School of Contemporary Dance – look at US, performing on stage at Kirkgate Market like pros, hey?!

Seriously, you lot, what a fantastic summer of happenings we’ve had. Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back, as we couldn’t have had half as much fun without YOU! Shame it has to come to an end, really… although it’s never too long before the next school holidays come around! 7 whole weeks, to be precise – and counting! Don’t forget to book your place
for guaranteed adventure. We’ll race you there!
Here’s a few of our testimonials from this year’s summer camp. Awww… Thanks, you guys!!

“Freya went to three difference summer schools over the summer holidays. Camp Xplode was by far her favourite, and she definitely wants to go again in future holidays!”

“The camp itself was amazing, the staff were great and both children had a brilliant day. Fabulous organisation and I’m really glad we booked.”

“I’ve never met such enthusiastic staff they were all great!”

“Our three kids said that it has been the best experience they have had related with summer activities.”