However your child likes to have fun, you’ll find there’s a club that’s perfectly tailored to them. Children are grouped according to their age into one of the clubs below and participate in an exciting activity program designed with their age and interests in mind. 

Packed with creative, sporting and adventure activities as well as themed days and special events, Camp Xplode Day Camps are the perfect place to make new friends and lifelong memories!


From £34  per day

Ages: 3 – 4

Half / Full Days Available*





From £32  per day

Ages: 5 – 7

Full Days Available*





From £30 per day

Ages: 8 – 11

Full Days Available*





From £35  per day

Ages: 8 – 14

Full Days Available*





From £27  per day

Ages: 12 – 14

Full Days Available*




*Additional Charges apply for extended morning (8am – 9am) drop off and extended evening (4pm – 6pm) pick up outside the core 9am – 4pm day. 
Half Day bookings available for BEARS only.


BEARS  //  3 – 4 YEAR OLDS

Our fantastic Bears Club offers a unique and carefully paced programme to ensure all 3 and 4 year olds receive the very best first time camp experience. A caring meet-and-greet service along with our varied choice of activities ensures there’s always a friendly face on hand as well as an exciting plan for the day.

 Crafts / Games & Sports / Nature activities / Music & movement / Swimming / Sensory & Soft play / Treasure Hunts / Mini Yoga / Mini Olympics / Bouncy Castle / Adventure Playground.

[Both full & half day camps are available]. Please note Bears Club is not available at our The Mount School York or our S Anselm’s school Bakewell venues.

FOXES  //  5 – 7 YEAR OLDS

We know just how important achievement is to Foxes and we know this only happens when we team exciting challenges with age specific equipment such as smaller archery equipment and short tennis racquets. A day in Foxes Club is one that has just the right balance to keep everyone happy. 

Crafts / Over 60 games & sports / Bushcraft / Dance & Drama / Swimming / Excursions / Chill out time / Soft Archery / Bouncy Castle / Dodgeball


Our Wild Cats club is perfect for children that love to express themselves. Whether that’s through playtime, performance or craft, they will be spoilt for choice when it comes to our long list of exciting activities. Wild Cats are always laughing and having fun.

Crafts / Over 60 Games / Team Sports / Bushcraft / Nature Activities / Dance / Drama / Swimming / Outdoor adventure / Excursions

WOLVES  //  8 – 14 YEAR OLDS

This exciting club sees our 8 to 14 year old Wolves take part in our engaging survival game training sessions, learning everything from obstacle challenges and archery accuracy to fire starting and wild cooking. Following their training, Wolves compete against each other in a series of friendly, fun tribe-based games culminating in the all-important Award Ceremony.

Bushcraft / Survival / Scenario / Obstacle challenges / Firelighting / Wild cooking / Den Building / Foraging / Archery / Nature Crafts

BISONS  //  12 – 14 YEAR OLDS

For our older campers we mix the same level of care and protection with adrenalin-filled challenges and plenty of time to kick back and relax with friends. Our experienced staff get the balance just right and allow the group to tailor their camp experience. It’s all about the sense of freedom, responsibility, adventure and dawn till dusk fun.

Crafts / Over 60 Games & Sports / Bushcraft / Archery / Dance & Drama / Swimming / Excursions / Chill out time / Responsibility tasks /Teamwork


Why not tailor your child’s experience by including one of our specialist options?


Our Trailblazers programme is perfect for motivated, energetic
teens who are looking for an Internship experience that will
provide the skills and the confidence they need to succeed.
Throughout the course, our courageous young leaders attend
a series of workshops helping them with leadership, delivery
techniques and vocal projection, before progressing onto practical
work and shadowing a full-time Camp Leader to apply their skills
first hand. Whilst it is, of course, invaluable experience for anyone
aspiring to work with children, this programme is not just for
those who are looking to work in education; the suppportive and
structured environment is tailored specifically to help teenagers
develop the confidence and skills to navigate their own path. Each
Trailblazer receives an internal award to recognise their skills on
successful completion of the course. Please note this programme is not available at our The Mount School York venue.


This course is for international children looking to learn English. The programme offers a week full of classroom-based teaching and physical activity allowing each child to put their skills into practice. This programme supports children looking to learn or improve on their English vocabulary, offering a week full of classroom-based teaching and physical activity allowing each child to put their skills into practice. Our daily structure includes 3hrs of English Language lessons, plus a choice of activities alongside our other Camp Xplode groups such as sports, drama and bushcraft – and, a minimum of two excursions per week giving our campers a further opportunity to use their language skills in real-life situations. Please note this programme is not available at our The Mount School York venue.

Find out more here.

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