Hands up who’s ready for summer break? Everybody at Camp Xplode HQ just gave a resounding “YES!” to that question! Ready in mind? Of course we are! Ready in practice? Most definitely!!  As Big Chief Nick likes to remind us, at Camp Xplode, we were born ready – just like our average camper!

Seriously, though, when you’re planning camps as amazing as ours, you need to be prepared well in advance of the camp itself. There’s no winging it here; our camps are well thought out months in advance of their delivery, with nothing at all left to chance and a programme full of fun, varied in activities and rich in adventure planned meticulously to the nth degree. Let’s be fair, it’s the amount of variety that sets Camp Xplode apart from other holiday camps and makes for a happy tribe. So, putting in the hard-yards with the preparation ensures that when we deliver a camp, we absolutely nail it!

Do you know we have three camp venues open over the Summer?

That’s right! Three amazing places to send your long, summer days having fun with friends. Recently, we’ve told you all about camp happenings at our flagship venue, Camp Redkite in Leeds, and at our newly-welcomed venue, Camp William, set in the beautiful countryside town of Bakewell. This week, we’re taking a peep at the (not at all) top-secret plans for our ‘nearly’ new venue in York, Camp Five Boars!

The Mount School York
Camp Five Boars at The Mount School, York

Let’s just mention a little more on the venue to begin with – The Mount school – since some of you won’t yet have had the pleasure of its company. And, wow, is it another cracker or what?! Well of course it is, we only pick the finest venue for a Camp Xplode adventure! There’s masses of green space for outdoors activities which, as you might know, ranks highly on the Camp Xplode awesomeness scale. There’s a huge sports hall too which, naturally, we couldn’t run a camp without, what with the UK weather patterns – even over the summer months! Then there’s some rather splendid extras, too; an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, cricket nets, badminton courts and a five-a-side football pitch! Situated in the heart of York, it couldn’t be easier for keen campers to reach. The perfect spot, all over!

The Mount School, York
Facilities at Camp Five Boars at The Mount School, York

Camp Five Boars is still quite new to all of us, and to our York campers, too. So, we’re offering a number of our classes over one key week during the summer holidays to allow time for everyone to get to know us a little better. Between July 22 and 26, our Foxes (aged 5-7yrs), Wild Cats (aged 8-11yrs) and Bisons (aged 12-14yrs) will have a bundle of fun and varied activities to choose from, including plenty of what we call our staples – sports and games, arts and crafts, swimming, biking and drama – plus some specialist activities hand-picked to impress the troops, like bubble football, ultimate Frisbee and archery. Oh, and there’s also the chance for Five Boars campers to try a Camp Xplode excursion out for size with a trip to the rather splendid Rother Valley Aqua Park!

Rother Valley Aqua Park

At Camp Xplode, we love a good theme. Throughout the week at Camp Five Boars, we’ll be implementing one of our favourite themes ever, the now somewhat infamous ‘Campers Vs Staff’. It’s friendly and competitive fun with a bunch of games and activities all designed to pit the wits, skills and determination of our campers against a set of ‘in it to win it’ staff! It’s always a huge hit, this theme, and we don’t see it being any different at Camp Five Boars. Just beware, Five Boars camp crew – last meeting, at Camp Redkite, the staff lost out to the campers and they will have something to prove this time around…!

Campers Vs Staff

Still room for more xcitement? Well, here’s the BIG news. This same week will also see our Wolves group on offer to any campers aged 8 and above who fancy a walk on the wild side. But not for just one week. At Camp Five Boars, we will be offering the Wolves class all summer long! That’s July 22 right through summer holidays to August 31! Now, to those of you thinking “Who are these Wolves you speak of?”, our Wolves are all about the bush craft – foraging for food, building a camp fire, learning how to prepare and cook food in the wild, making a shelter – our Camp Redkite Wolves even took a 5k hike over land and through water on their last camp!

Wolves Busgcraft Sessions

This is a class growing in popularity with every camp we run, and definitely one to try this summer. Oh, and pop August 14 down in your calendars, when our Wolves will also have the chance to visit the wonderful world which is Go Ape! Camp Xplode will also be running from Camp Five Boars this May half-term holiday.

Go Ape!

Why not come along and give it a try before the summer?