Inspired by this weekend’s Tour de Yorkshire? Us too! You might not know it, but Camp Xplode‘s HQ is based in Leeds, which is not only in Yorkshire but is one of the 2019 Tour de Yorkshire‘s eight host locations. What better motivation to add ‘GO ON AN EPIC BIKE RIDE’ to our Adventurers Handbook activity list?!

Cycling is an ideal activity to do as a whole family as it is a great way to have fun together. But we did say an EPIC bike ride, so you will need to take more care and attention to planning your ride than usual…

How to find a cycle route:

Firstly, you need to discover WHERE to ride! The Yorkshire Post has compiled a great list of some of the best cycling routes and destinations in Yorkshire.

Based elsewhere in the UK? Check out The Guardian readers’ favourite family cycle trails from Morecambe Bay to the Mendips here.

Get the most out of your epic ride with our planning and preparation tips for the whole family:

1. Check your bike

Before you head out for a family ride, you don’t want annoying mechanical issues holding you back or slowing you down. Bikes in regular use need a service every year to replace worn out parts. Bikes that haven’t been ridden for ages need a service to replace rusted parts and perished tyres.

Check out Ride2School’s very helpful and easy safety check you can do at home – without being an expert. 

2. Get your bike serviced

Your local bike store can service your bike. You’ll need to book it in but they should be able to do it within a week. We recommend that all riders get their bike serviced before any lengthy ride. A service should check and fix any problems with:

  • brakes
  • gears
  • wheels and tyres
  • headset and crank bearings
  • suspension (if you have it)
  • loose accessories, like luggage rack, kickstand, basket, etc. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to have everything running smoothly.

3. Youngest family members to the front

Adults should ride behind the kids instead of out in front with the youngest at the very front. From behind the adults can see them and what’s ahead and communicate what to do. Try to keep together in a compact group and stop together when someone needs to pull over.

4. Make sure to pack these ride essentials

  • Lots of snacks
  • Suncream
  • Water (at least one bottle per person)
  • Layers/spare clothing
  • A set of tools to fix basic mechanicals including; spare tubes, tyre levers, a pump, Allen keys and a spanner for wheel nuts if required.

5. Invest in a cheap speedometer!

Basic speedometers are quite cheap and at the end of the ride there are buttons to push, numbers to count. The feeling of achievement you’ll get from a achieving a measurable goal is enormous!

Taking to two wheels to explore Yorkshire on your bike has never been so popular, so why not join in?

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