It’s official. Summer holidays ROCK. Seven weeks away from school; for some of you, even longer still! That’s some stretch between the ‘Break Up’ bell ringing in July and the school gates re-opening again in September! What’s a young girl or boy to do to fill in all that spare time? Hmmm… Let’s have a think…

TRICKED YOU! At Camp Xplode, we have the perfect solution to fill your summer days with adventure: our multi-activity, aged-based, fun-filled holiday camps! And this year, we’re introducing another new venue to the family – Camp William at S. Anselm’s school

Last week, we shared details of our plans for a sensational summer at long-running ‘home base’, Camp Redkite in Leeds. Today, it’s time to reveal more on our brand-new camp venue, Camp William, which will open its doors as Camp Xplode for the first time this May half-term holiday. And blimey, are the children coming to this camp in for a treat or what?!

First, let’s tell you about the venue itself. What an absolute gem it is, even by our standards – which as regular campers will know, are extremely high! Camp William runs from an independent school sitting in the very heart of the Peak District and the beautiful town of Bakewell, S. Anselm’s. The school itself is rather stunning, although the facilities are out of this world… For starters, it boasts 20 acres of land for sports, recreation and events like our camp. Now that’s some outdoor space for camp activities!! Then there’s the four sports pitches, a full-sized all-weather pitch, four tennis courts, 20-metre indoor heated pool and a sports hall complete with gym equipment. There’s also a separate performance hall with seats! But here’s the jaw-dropper – it even has its own accredited ™LEGO Innovation Studio!
At a school! Seriously! 

Suffice to say, when we found S. Anselm’s, it was love at first sight and we know just on reading about it, you’ll start to imagine the adventure on offer at Camp William. During May half-term break, and again during the summer holidays, we’re inviting our Foxes, Wild Cats and Bisons along to Camp William; that’s any young people aged between 5 and 14. While our popular Wolves group will not run as a stand-alone option – that’s our survival-based class for 8-14-year-olds – we’ll include many of our regular Wolves activities in our daily program so everyone can choose to lead a Wolf life if it suits! A-Hoooooowwwwwwl!

So, all you NEW campers out there – are you ready for some clues on what to expect at a Camp Xplode day camp at Camp William? 

Activities are always varied and include everything from ball-games (some regular ones like football and tennis; others made up as we go!) to crazy creations like ultimate Frisbee, with plenty of arts & crafts, drama, biking, swimming, woodland walks and bushcraft too! 

Themes change weekly and always keep our campers entertained whether they’re with us for one day or the full week, crowd favourites including our Around the World theme (people, places, and food the focus) and the one which always brings out everyone’s ‘friendly yet competitive’ nature, Campers Vs Staff!

Bolt-Ons allow for campers to specialize in extra activities they’re really hooked on, such as swimming – where we can provide 1:1 or 1:2 lessons with a qualified instructor – or tennis, dancing and drama, delivered by our group of trusted partner organization and friends! 

To book on for out May or Summer Camp Xplode holiday camps, where we’ll be bush crafting, bubble footballing and bouncing around to our hearts content, just click any dates below you’re keen on to reach our bookings page!

May half-term: May 28 to May 31

Summer: July 22 to July 26
July 29 to August 2

Join the adventure this holiday with Camp Xplode! We can’t wait to meet you!