So… Here’s a question for you, campers. What do you think makes your Camp Xplode adventure that extra bit special? It’s a tough one to call, we agree. Do you think it’s our jam- packed programme full of fabulous and varied activities? Or would you say it’s our venues, with masses of space to run free with your camp buddies all day long?

Whether you’re new to Camp Xplode or a serial holiday camper, it’s difficult not to recognise one of our most precious of superpowers – our staff. Hands down, they’re amongst our most valued assets; more than an essential component to our programme delivery, they are completely critical to our success. Let’s be fair, without the right type of people in place to deliver your holiday adventure, our camps could look extremely different
in practice!

Did you know we interviewed over 300 wanna-be Camp Xplode staff last Summer?

That’s right! 300! Why so many? Well, put simply, we want our staff to be amongst the best in the business and to achieve this, we need to be completely thorough in our selection process. This means whittling down a large number of applicants to an extremely select few who are skilled and fit the Camp Xplode culture. Initially we look for experience fundamental to the role; we expect all staff to be pre-trained and qualified to work with children. Next, we gauge our applicant’s ability to build relationships with young people quickly and effectively; we want leaders who can engage campers from the moment they meet one another. Finally, we search for something unique, a specialism within each individual, which they can bring to the Camp Xplode family.

Our staff is what sets us apart from other holiday camp providers
“The staff are so happy and enthusiastic.”
“The staff really make it, they are all friendly, fun and kind.”
“The staff are great. This is exactly what a holiday camp should be.”

This is just a handful of comments our community has shared with us and while we’re used to positive feedback at Camp Xplode, we never grow tired of it! When we asked parents last October to highlight our strong points, what pleased us most was reading how people continue to find our leaders welcoming and approachable; this, together with our overall rating of ‘above average to excellent’ from 97% of our community! It’s great to know our own views on the importance of staff selection sits as well with those around us.

Our ‘Staff Spotlight’ shines on…. Alisha!
Engaging, trustworthy, funny are among the many attributes we expect of our staff and nowhere is this more important than within our ‘foundation years’ programme, the Bears! So, who better to lead our cubs each camp day than our Bears Muckamuck, Alisha!

Part of our team for two years now, Alisha is a complete natural with our littlies and epitomises what we look for in our staff. Her degree in Childhood Studies and experience teaching English to children overseas, together with a genuine flair for making children laugh, make Alisha positively perfect for our Bears programme. In her words:

“Working with our Bears is the best job at Camp Xplode! I love planning special activities for the Bears and watching as their excitement unfolds! My favourite activity is when we go on a pirate treasure hunt around the camp grounds. The children love it so much – they also like when we all join in with our silly party dances and act like they do!
“When I was a little one, I wanted to own a sweet shop and spend all of my money on toys. I’m sure that’s why I still loving playing with toys today! One day I’d like to get back to Sri Lanka where I used to teach, it would be awesome to take some of the skills I’m learning at Camp Xplode and see this be a success overseas. Or if I can’t teach I would spend my time feeding watermelons to elephants and snorkelling with the sea life!”

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