Just what do our campers get up to all day at Camp Xplode? You drop them off, big smiles and raring to go. You disappear for a few hours to complete your daily chores. You come back later on to find them in one of two states: either full of beans and hyper, riding high on the day’s amazing activities or.. totally wiped out and exhausted from the day’s amazing activities!! Either way, they are always the truest of happy campers!

We all know what children are like, reluctant at the best of times to reveal anything they’ve been doing in major detail; even the cute, cuddly five year olds will offer no more than a grunt on occasion! Well, parents, you need quiz over camp happenings no more!

Today, we’re revealing all on what happens behind the gates at Redkite and Five Boars between the hours of 9am and 4pm! Or, should we say, what happened behind the gates, using our fab-tastic May half-term Camp Xplode craziness as proof!

And who better to tell a camp tale or two than our camp Muckamucks, Rosie and Tom?! Here’s their (not so) secret diaries from a recent camp that was bursting with adventure!

Tales from Camp Redkite, by Muckamuck Rosie!

“I have to say, I was super excited for my first Camp Xplode experience – and it did not disappoint! Right from the beginning, I was made to feel welcome by our campers and staff alike. I couldn’t help but think our new campers must feel the same when they come along for their first time too!

“Aww, our cute little Bears had an amazing week which had a Pirate theme running throughout. As well as dress ups, they went on a hunt for treasure which each one of them clearly loved to bits! Their faces as they found golden coins were adorable!

“The Campers vs Staff idea is really good fun, it definitely brings out the competitive nature in all of us and everyone had a lot of fun – especially with Wacky Races! Some of the cardboard car designs were incredible; although it’s not so much how they look, as the staff found out when the campers took full control in the relay! Staff got their own back during the Funny Facts quiz – only to be jumped on and squashed silly by the campers! Suffice to say, it was impossible to pick a winner and ended a draw, which only fuels the competition further ahead of our summer camp!

“It was such a busy week, whether you were a Bear, Fox, Wild Cat, Bison or a Wolf! We offer so many different activities, with football, hockey and basketball all really popular, as was tennis with the team from Kinetic, which lots of our campers chose as an add-on (and some have since signed up for lessons with Kinetic over the summer!).

My absolute favourite part of May camp was collaborating with the Wildcats to create a story for the Foxes group in the woods; we all needed to be on high alert for the lunchbox monsters that day..! I also enjoyed the campfire led by the Wolves group on the Friday, where everyone got the chance to toast marshmallows and make scrummy Smores. There wasn’t a camper on site free from mud and chocolate!”

Tales from Camp Five Boars, by Muckamuck Tom!

TOM with face paint

“So, this was our second ever week at our latest venue, Five Boars, in York; ok, it was more of a mini week really with just three days to go at – but that didn’t cut down on the amount of fun had, by any means, whether a Fox, Bison, Wild Cat or Wolf!

“On Wednesday, we started the day with a dodgeball tournament before doing some badminton, Benchball and swimming. A little ‘Wolf’ action kicked afterwards with some fire lighting along with compulsory marshmallow toasting!

The day ended with an introduction to our infamous ‘Campers vs Staff’ antics, this one, in the form of a treasure hunt in which the campers had to retrieve 32 cups hidden around the grounds. Would you believe it? On their first ever go, the campers smashed it and ended day one with 32 points to the staff’s 15! No pressure on us staff whatsoever…!

“On Thursday, we began with a true camp favourite, lazer tag, which everyone loved! Next, we had some fun in the pool followed by another fave, Capture the Flag, before proceeding onto shelter & den building before some totally epic Bubble Football.

On the Campers vs Staff front, we asked our campers to determine which ‘funny fact’ belonged to which staff member. Amazingly, the campers failed to call the staff’s bluff which meant the staff brought it back in their favour to end the day on 106 points over the campers 72!

“Friday was packed with all sorts including some quick cricket, swimming, rounders and frisbee golf, all before we foraged for food and cooked on a fire with Bushcraft Matt.

The final Campers vs Staff event was our infamous Wacky Races relay assault course, designed and set up by the campers. With only 30 points in it, it was anyone’s to take and the build-up intense… But it was the staff who took the victory this time, defying the odds to beat the campers by just 5 points! Roll on summer camp and a rematch!!”

So… that’s the staff happy, then! How about our campers??! Well, here’s some feedback on the bits from camps Redkite and Five Boars they loved the best!

“Bubble Football! It’s fun rolling around and I’ve never done it before”

 “The Campers vs Staff was great as the games were really fun and different, and it was fair and close!”

“Lazer tag was really exciting and the staff joined in too!”

“You’ll meet really nice new people, the staff are fun and there’s lots of cool games to play plus fun sports, swimming, lighting fires and even roasting marshmallows!”

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